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Exercise Sports Science Degree Summary

Introduction to Human Structure & Function (HBS109 T1, 2017)

Behavioural Aspects of Sport and Exercise (HSE309 T1, 2017)

Exercise Prescription for Fitness & Health (HSE301 T1, 2017)

Physical Activity & Exercise for Health (HSE111, T2 2017)

Research Methods & Statistics in Exercise and Sport (HSE104, T2 2017)


Training Curriculum

Movement & Mobility

Warm Up / Cool Down

Main Indicator Lifts

Core & Stabilisers

Primal Pattern Movements

How To Track Your Progress

Rest Times For Strength Training: 300 Seconds

Chronobiology – Is There A Best Time To Exercise?

Glute Training: A Woman’s Secret to Looking Toned & A Man’s Secret To Being Powerful & Explosive

Gotu Kola Herb: Repairing Loose Skin/Stretch Marks

Understanding The Change Psychology On Coaching New Habits

Barefoot Training

Anterior Tension: Get Tighter In Your Barbell Lifts

Hypertrophy Training

The Science of Building Muscle: 2 Ways to Maximize Hypertrophy: Sarcoplasmic + Myofibrillar Hypertrophy

Strength Training

The Progression Guidelines For Coaching & Acheiving The Chinup

3 Unheard Techniques To Improve Your Strength & Power In 1 min By World Class Russian Trainer

A Great Set/Rep Scheme Combination for Size & Strength

Mastering The Kettlebell Swing

5 Rules For Building Size & Strength by ‘The White Rhino’

The 3 Key Distinctions Of The Kettlebell Press

Periodisation: Linear vs Conjugate (non linear) | Joe Defranco Podcast #50 Summary

The Role of Eccentric Training in Building Maximal Strength

Training Women For Strength Gains

5 Key Guidelines To Creating An Effective Training Template

How to Implement RPE in Your Training

Bodyweight Training

Training Like A Prisoner: A Complete Guide To Bodyweight Exercises For Small Spaces

Training Session For Hotel Travelers In Small Spaces With No Equipment

Speed Training

9 Common Speed Training Mistakes (Joe Defranco Podcast 47 Summary)

 Cardiovascular Health

HIIT v Aerobic: How To Distinguish The Right Type Of Cardiovascular Training For YOU

Cardio and Fat loss: 2 Mistakes You or Your Atheltes Might Be Doing

Why Traditional Cardio Is Useless

Study: 1 Minute of Strenuous Exercise May Have Benefits of 45 Minutes of Moderate Exertion

Mobility | Anatomy

3 Advantages of Back Squats with Elevated Heels Versus Flat Heels

The Butt Wink Has Its Advantages

Improving Posture: An Easy Way To Improve Performance

How Shoes Damage Your Feet & How Walking Barefoot Can Make You Stronger

How Abdominal Massage Is One Of The Best Things You Can Do Improve Sleep Quality

36 Pictures To See Which Muscle You’re Stretching

Fix The Piriformis & Lift Heavier

Nutrition x Training

Do You Need to Replenish Glycogen Stores After Strength Training?

Nutrition For Injury Recovery

Carbohydrate Influence On Fluctuating Weight

Why Diet Is More Vastly More Important Than Exercise For Weight Loss

Joe Defranco Podcast Summaries

9 Common Speed Training Mistakes | Joe Defranco Podcast #47 Summary

Periodisation: Linear vs Conjugate (non linear) | Joe Defranco Podcast #50 Summary

Top 5 Actionable Takeaways From Joe Defranco’s 1st Year Of Podcast Guests | Joe Defranco Podcast #52 Summary

Joe D. Answers YOUR Training Questions | Joe Defranco Podcast #53 Summary

Best Methods for Improving Sport-Specific Agility | Joe Defranco Podcast #57 & 58 Summary

The Secret to Running a Faster Mile | Ankle Braces | Upper Body Strength Exercises For Woman | Joe Defranco Podcast #59 Summary

Blood Work Marker & Testing For Optimal Longevity & Performance #OperationRebuildJoe | Joe Defranco Podcast #67

Knee’s Past Toe’s | Partial Range Movement’s | Joe Defranco Podcast #68

Pre & Post-Workout Nutrition/Supplementation Recommendations | Joe Defranco Podcast #72 Summary

The Best Muscle Building Exercise For Each Body Part + Magnesium Correlation to Exercise Performance | Joe Defranco Podcast #82 Summary

Joe D Savage 7!!! Basic Exercises All Combat Athletes Must Strengthen | Joe Defranco Podcast Summary #83

Speed Training Programming | The Future of DeFranco’s & Programming for Speed w/ Cameron Josse | Joe Defranco Podcast #91


Become A Pracademic

The Art & Science of Strength Training

Wake Up Like an Animal: Your Morning Stretching Routine

Safer Alternatives To The Shoulder Press

A Quick Guide To Estimating Body-fat Percentage

How to Instill a Love of Fitness in Your Kids