My Story | The Purpose Of Me, This Website & Why It’s Important To You

A couple reasons why I’ve spend hundreds of hours creating and curating

“Everyday we’re trying to manage the overwhelming information flows competing for attention. We’re all suffering from information bandwidth anxiety like a 56k modem trying to download 10,000 hours of HD video through that pipeline. We simply lack the biological hardware to actually take in all the information that is competing for our attention today.” – Jason Silva
“If more information was the answer we’d all be billionaires with perfect abs” – Derek Sivers

I tried to help solve this problem for myself by curating information from the world’s greatest most prolific orators, influences, philosophers and leaders in one place with the intention of molding myself into the strongest human possible. This exists to distal all that overwhelming information and convert into daily EXECUTION.

For many years I collated hundreds of articles, videos and blog posts I found valuable locally on my PC. The content I was/am consuming is for the purpose of growing stronger.

The desire to create this was simply to find a very clean, organised and accessible method of curation for myself. A place where I could access any piece of information that I found valuable to excel the human mind and body in a moments notice.

Documenting My Truth

An extremely important caveat I needed to add in:

Everything I curate or create on any platform is simply displaying my own truth. My own perspective of the world. By no means do am I telling you how you should live your life. Everything I create is a reminder to my future self to live to my the highest potential. I’ll always be a student. 

But this clearly doesn’t just have to help me. It can teach and empower a very large number of people.

Which is a part of my vision now…

It’s this idea of living in service to greatness. I want to live and create in a way that when people see me, they are inspired and become better just by having contact with the excellence I try and practice every single day. This is my purpose. I believe this is part of purpose.

When I die, and people look at a photo, video or writing of mine I want them to feel like they have the power to believe in themselves as much as I believed in me.

Maybe I’m just delusional, but I truly believe I continue to live the experiences of the average man 10 years older than me. It’s weird to say and maybe the phrasing could be better but I feel like I am more conscious and self aware than majority of people in my demographic. Now I am very self-aware of how this sounds. I understand this type of bravado and audacity is already going to turn away many people and make them screw up their face. I’m okay with that. I am not for everyone. Regardless, it doesn’t change the fact that I have been putting in relentless effort to push my mind and body and experience as much as possible since 15 years old. That’s why I think I’ve earned that right to not only say that, but believe in it.

With that being said, my content is not for everyone. It is for people looking to make dramatic positive change and move their world forward.

Thus this resource has become a platform to pass on what I’ve learnt not only to myself, but maybe a few other people.

“To know is to know that you know nothing. That is the meaning of true knowledge” – Seneca

The above quote embodies the crux of me and my website.

Prelude | The Journey That Got Me Here

In an effort to not have to explain my story and where I came from to dozens of people who ask, here’s a very short summation:

I worked tirelessly every single day for 5-6 years from age 15 towards one goal of becoming ‘great’ at basketball. I had a dream of one day playing professionally somewhere in the world. Basketball took me to the America twice. The most recent time where I lived there and competed for a college in Arizona. I traveled to many amazing cities meeting unforgettable people and experiencing invaluable adventures. I owe everything to the sport and the dedication I gave to it, it molded me into who I am and put me onto this path.

I used to define myself as a basketball player and only that. Moving away from that sport I want to teach people everything I’ve learnt along the way and everything I’m still learning.

But what ‘What do you do?’

I have struggled to answer this question time and time again…

I do a lot of shit.

Strength Coach. Yogi. Business Owners. Writer. Creator. Curator. Thinker.

Why I do what I do: Legacy

To go deeper for those who care, this idea of leaving a legacy has become vital to why I do.

I’m pretty young and have no intention of having a child anytime soon, but I often think about what if I brought a son/daughter into the world and died a week later. Would he/she be able to look on at his father proudly even though he never created a single real memory? Would he be able to learn from everything I’ve created and have the necessary resources and information to live a positive life of excellence that I tried to live? Right now I can confidently say yes, I’ve left a lot for him to learn off. But at the same time I’ve barley scratched the surface.

A website curating of hundreds of articles that have shaped who I am. 40+ 50+ posts on Medium diverging into the philosophies and values I live by. 60+ 100+ YouTube videos summarsing the most valuable books I’ve read. I could go on but I’m very proud of it.

Why do I do what I do?

So I can create something of my name.

So I can create the legacy that leaves monumental ripples throughout the lives I touch.

So I can create opportunities and resources that can help propel the lives of those I care for.

Right now my name don’t mean shit.

But I want it to for my children and they’re children.

And if it doesn’t, well I will have lived and died trying too.

For that, maybe someone will be inspired to pick up from where I left off and begin their journey.

That is why.


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I want to help empower people make different choices that elevate their lives.

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