3 Techniques To Improve Your Strength & Power In 1 min By World Class Russian Trainer

These ideas were not founded by me, but were created by world class Russian trainer Pavel Tsatsouline’s. 
Why you should listen to his ideas below: Pavel was a physical-training instructor for Spetnaz, the elite Soviet special-forces units. Pavel is now a subject matter expert to the US Marine Corps, the US Secret Service, and the US Navy SEALs. He is widely credited with introducing the now ubiquitous kettlebell to the United States.
He is world class.

You can implement these techniques with the simplest or most complex exercise. It applies among all.


Imagine your doing the bench press, as you move through more reps it gets harder. As the reps are getting tougher I want you to just crush the barbell in your hand. Really squeeze it – “white knuckle pressure” as Pavel describes.

With this simple technique you will definitely be able to get several additional repetitions out. Before you question it, just try it out.


During any movement contract your glutes as tight as possible, contract with enough force as if your preparing for someone to kick you.


Something that many may of heard of but misplace it’s importance among EVERY exercise you do. Not just the ones you think apply.

This is nothing special or new. It’s just going back to basics of

“If you do the above 3 together, everything that you do – absolutely every exercise you do is going to be greatly amplified”

This is just a fraction of Pave’s wealth of knowledge.

The Science Of How & Why This Works

Pavel coins the term, ‘irradiation” in explaining how and why this works. What irradiation means:

Irradiation means when a muscle is contracted it causes tension that subsequently spills over into neighboring muscles helping increase power output.

A real life example of this can be done right as your reading this. Make a fist…your going to feel tension in your hand and forearm. Now make a tight first…your gonna feel tension in your biceps and triceps. Now make a white knuckle fist…your going to find that tension is going to spill over into even more muscles, your latissimus, your deltoid etc. Okay you can relax now.

Certain areas of our body have a certain overflow of tension, the muscles involved in grip are amongst them.

As for why contracting the abdominals and gluts work, that is largely due to creating intra-abdominal pressure. So what does this exactly mean?

Pavel uses this astute example to clarify, visualise your muscles as speakers and your brain as the device that plays the sound. The amount of intra-abdominal pressure is the volume control. Thus by increasing the pressure in your abdomen or gluts, it’s like turning up the volume.

Simply put, increase pressure – maximise power.

It doesn’t cost you anything, so try it out.

Written By Alex Sandalis