GO by MM (Gentle Objects by Martin Mestmacher) is a new line of geometric black steel-framed furniture. The debut collection includes a dumb waiter, a valet stand, a sideboard and a wall-mounted storage system that can be configured as awardrobe, desk or as hallway furniture. ‘I wanted to create furniture objects as three dimensional graphic paintings and sculptures. The single components are individual, different and asymmetric but all together considered in balance.’

The GObyMM GENTLE is a synonym for eternalness and silence. Appreciation and thoughtfulness as a basis for finding shapes. The term OBJECTS stands for their invitation to beholder’s freedom of mind, ranging from individual single objects to complex facility conception.

These minimalist design pieces are like traces of sketches brought to life. Devoid of any superfluous decoration, they play with our perceptions of the second and the third dimension.

Clothing Rails by Swedish designer Annaleena Leino. Available in three styles – rectangular, square, and circular.

Zaha Hadid Tau Marble Vases