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 Jon Cha’s Studio



Naruse Inokuma Architects + Hiroka Karibe Setgaya Flat




Yucatan House

Kanye West’s SOHO Apartment Desinged By Claudio Silvestrin

Saint Lauren Store’s


NGRS Recruiting Company HQ by Crosby Studios




Berlin Bunker Penthouse – Karen & Christian Boros

Entering the Boros residence surpasses any archetypal ‘home visit’ one might expect. As a former Nazi air raid shelter erected in 1942 in central Berlin, it is a home like no other. Its heavy open doors welcome visitors down a series of interconnected bare concrete corridors. Bullet holes from the Second World War bear witness to the historical significance of the building, contributing to its singularity. This structure exposes a not so distant history while simultaneously embracing the future.

In the heart of this hermetic cube is an exhibition of contemporary artworks from the private collection of ad agency founder and publisher, Christian Boros, and his wife, Karen. In order to create a suitable space for the collection, architect Jens Casper drastically deconstructed the 3,000 square meter bunker, transforming it into a complex room arrangement. Once devoid of natural light, the penthouse is now a glass superstructure.


Dorte Mandrup Transforms Historical Dance Pavilion into Offices for Danish Law Society.


 Sancaklar Mosque by Emre Arolat Istanbul

Maison Margiela Milan Store


400 Square Foot NYC Penthouse Featuring a 2-story Vals Quartzite Stone Wall

This 2,400 square foot New York triplex located in the Upper East Side of New York City, USA was envisioned by Turett Collaborative Architects as an imposing home meant to accommodate the living needs of a single owner. Featuring a double-height entry foyer and a large living room, the minimalist apartment displays a majestic, almost dramatic appearance softened by a variety of inspiring decorating items.

The black oxidized steel staircase acts as the backbone of the apartment, linking the 3 floors together. A suspended platform above the living room offers a good spot for reading and contemplation. The design of this opulent New York retreat is completed by an idyllic landscaped roof terrace and sun-deck. Read more

Electrochromic glass. Costs aprox $600 per square meter.


APC New Downtown LA Store