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Behaviour | Perception

Be A God Of Today
Don’t Argue About Belief, Argue About Arguments
The Tail End (a facinating eye opening look into the length of human life)
Drawing The Line
How To Ask For Advice
No Use Being Self Concious – No One Is Thinking About You Anyway
I Don’t Do Shit I Don’t Wanna Do
Announcing Your Plans Makes You Less Motivated To Accomplish Them: Conceal Your Intentions
Motion vs. Action
Keep Earning Your Title, Or It Expires
Paradox Of Being A Leader
Who Do You Call?
Focus – Why You Should Never Be Bored
Respect My Presence
Be Unapologetic For Your Actions
How to Answer Difficult Questions 
Be Present
Why We Have Regret
The Art Of Single Tasking
One Reason To Pay Attention To The Competition
The Why & How Of Creating Value
Opinions Need Something To Attach To: Your Belief
Lions & Sheep
Switch Strategies
Tell Them To Keep Their Money
Relationship Salve: The Practice of Intentional Dialogues
Making a New Decision Based On New Information
Cutting Through The Clutter

Success Lessons

Stop Hacking Your Life (One Of The Best Articles I’ve Ever Read)
Success Is The Dripping Water
Letter to My Younger Self: Kobe Byrant
(Read again when you’re facing large success/money before donating and giving away money and resources) 
How Virtuosos Get So Good – Deliberate Practice
Kareem: 20 Things I Wish I’d Known When I Was 30
Starting Your Brand: The “Nobody” Phase
The Seinfeld Strategy How To Stop Procrastinating On Your Goals
10 Years of Silence: How long it took Mozart, Picasso & Kobe Bryant to be Successful
Coming Back From A Setback
Finding The Motivation To Change Your Life
From Seinfeld To Sushi: How To Master Your Domain
Good Artists Copy, Great Artists Steal
3 Reasons Why People Fail After College


10 Steps to Executive Level Confidence
Becoming Emotionally Self-Reliant
How To Communicate Effectively
The Answer Is You (Jim Rohn)
You Really Should Be More Humble
Courage Vs. Boldness: How to Live With Spartan Bravery
Letter to My Younger Self – Ray Allen

State Of Mind

Humility vs Arrogence – You Aren’t Even A Fan Of Yourself
Life Is A Mirror
The Contentment Habit
Why Are You Doing?
Practice Slowness & Being Present
Never Complain; Never Explain
Why Don’t You Just Focus On One Thing?
The Price Of Saving Money Costs A Lot
10 Learnings from 10 Years of Brain Pickings

Life Skills

Negotiating Principles
Joint Ownership
How to Write an Email That Will Actually Get a Response
How To Read A Lot More
7 Successfull Entrepreneurs Best Business Advice
How to Avoid Getting Pickpocketed
How To Escape Quicksand
How to Treat a Jellyfish Sting
How to Escape a Rip Current
How to Escape From the Trunk of a Car: An Illustrated Guide
The Winston Churchill Guide to Public Speaking
100 Skills Every Man Should Know
How to Throw a Devastating Left Hook Punch
What To Do In An Active Shooter Situation
How to Find Water in the Wild
22 Old Weather Proverbs That Are Actually True
How to Survive Inside a Plummeting Elevator

Health & Nutrition

Optimising Human Performance, Longevity & Slowing Aging
Understanding Our Gut Microbiome
Neurotic Holding Patterns / Primal Trauma

Supplements Breakdown
Fish Oil
BCAA (Branch Chain Amino Acid)
Melatonin | How Sleep Helps Burn Fat & Build Muscle

Genetic Testing: 23 & Me | Use Promethease to Interpret | Or For Free On Dr. Rhonda Patrick’s Site Here


How To Be World Class At Sleeping
Understanding Sleep & Uncommon Ways To Improve It
Sleep Study On Professional Athletes
Dreaming Brain Rhythms Lock In Memories

Start the Day Right: Lime & Salt Water
Intermittent Fasting Guide: Rebooting The Body & Reducing All Cause Mortality
Inflammation, Free Radicals & Neurodegenerative Disorders Association To Gluten
Simple & Complex Carbohydrates
Fats 101
The Breakfast Test for Carb Tolerance
Carbohydrates 101
Miracle Herbs
How Food Sensitivities Can Prevent You From Reaching Your Health & Fitness Goals
The Truth Behind Food Labels
Why Diet Is More Vastly More Important Than Exercise For Weight Loss
High Fat/Protein Nutrient Dense Shake
7 Highly Effective Testosterone Boosting Tips
Nutrition For Injury Recovery
The Meat & Nuts Breakfast
The Problems Associated With Starting The Day With Breakfast Cereals
Gotu Kola Herb: Repairing Stretch Marks/Loose Skin
Why Women Can’t Loose Weight
A Vegan/Vegetarian Conversation | Lazy-Vegan Peer Pressuree

Coaching | Fitness | Training


Exercise Sports Science Degree Summary

Quizlet (Valuable Study Tool)
Introduction to Human Structure & Function (HBS109 T1, 2017)
Behavioural Aspects of Sport and Exercise (HSE309 T1, 2017)
Exercise Prescription for Fitness & Health (HSE301 T1, 2017)
Physical Activity & Exercise for Health (HSE111, T2 2017)
Research Methods & Statistics in Exercise and Sport (HSE104, T2 2017)
Training Curriculum
Movement & Mobility
Warm Up / Cool Down
Main Indicator Lifts
Core & Stabilisers
Primal Pattern Movements
How To Track Your Progress
Rest Times For Strength Training: 300 Seconds

Chronobiology – Is There A Best Time To Exercise?
Glute Training: A Woman’s Secret to Looking Toned & A Man’s Secret To Being Powerful & Explosive
Gotu Kola Herb: Repairing Loose Skin/Stretch Marks
Understanding The Change Psychology On Coaching New Habits
Barefoot Training
Anterior Tension: Get Tighter In Your Barbell Lifts

Hypertrophy Training

The Science of Building Muscle: 2 Ways to Maximize Hypertrophy: Sarcoplasmic + Myofibrillar Hypertrophy

Strength Training

The Progression Guidelines For Coaching & Acheiving The Chinup
3 Unheard Techniques To Improve Your Strength & Power In 1 min By World Class Russian Trainer
A Great Set/Rep Scheme Combination for Size & Strength
Mastering The Kettlebell Swing
5 Rules For Building Size & Strength by ‘The White Rhino’
The 3 Key Distinctions Of The Kettlebell Press
Periodisation: Linear vs Conjugate (non linear) | Joe Defranco Podcast #50 Summary
The Role of Eccentric Training in Building Maximal Strength
Training Women For Strength Gains
5 Key Guidelines To Creating An Effective Training Template
How to Implement RPE in Your Training

Bodyweight Training

Training Like A Prisoner: A Complete Guide To Bodyweight Exercises For Small Spaces
Training Session For Hotel Travelers In Small Spaces With No Equipment

Speed Training

9 Common Speed Training Mistakes (Joe Defranco Podcast 47 Summary)

 Cardiovascular Health

HIIT v Aerobic: How To Distinguish The Right Type Of Cardiovascular Training For YOU
Cardio and Fat loss: 2 Mistakes You or Your Atheltes Might Be Doing
Why Traditional Cardio Is Useless
Study: 1 Minute of Strenuous Exercise May Have Benefits of 45 Minutes of Moderate Exertion

Mobility | Anatomy

3 Advantages of Back Squats with Elevated Heels Versus Flat Heels
The Butt Wink Has Its Advantages
Improving Posture: An Easy Way To Improve Performance
How Shoes Damage Your Feet & How Walking Barefoot Can Make You Stronger
How Abdominal Massage Is One Of The Best Things You Can Do Improve Sleep Quality
36 Pictures To See Which Muscle You’re Stretching
Fix The Piriformis & Lift Heavier

Nutrition x Training

Do You Need to Replenish Glycogen Stores After Strength Training?
Nutrition For Injury Recovery
Carbohydrate Influence On Fluctuating Weight
Why Diet Is More Vastly More Important Than Exercise For Weight Loss

Joe Defranco Podcast Summaries
9 Common Speed Training Mistakes | Joe Defranco Podcast #47 Summary
Periodisation: Linear vs Conjugate (non linear) | Joe Defranco Podcast #50 Summary
Top 5 Actionable Takeaways From Joe Defranco’s 1st Year Of Podcast Guests | Joe Defranco Podcast #52 Summary
Joe D. Answers YOUR Training Questions | Joe Defranco Podcast #53 Summary
Best Methods for Improving Sport-Specific Agility | Joe Defranco Podcast #57 & 58 Summary
The Secret to Running a Faster Mile | Ankle Braces | Upper Body Strength Exercises For Woman | Joe Defranco Podcast #59 Summary
Blood Work Marker & Testing For Optimal Longevity & Performance #OperationRebuildJoe | Joe Defranco Podcast #67
Knee’s Past Toe’s | Partial Range Movement’s | Joe Defranco Podcast #68
Pre & Post-Workout Nutrition/Supplementation Recommendations | Joe Defranco Podcast #72 Summary
The Best Muscle Building Exercise For Each Body Part + Magnesium Correlation to Exercise Performance | Joe Defranco Podcast #82 Summary
Joe D Savage 7!!! Basic Exercises All Combat Athletes Must Strengthen | Joe Defranco Podcast Summary #83
Speed Training Programming | The Future of DeFranco’s & Programming for Speed w/ Cameron Josse | Joe Defranco Podcast #91


Become A Pracademic
The Art & Science of Strength Training
Wake Up Like an Animal: Your Morning Stretching Routine
Safer Alternatives To The Shoulder Press
A Quick Guide To Estimating Body-fat Percentage
How to Instill a Love of Fitness in Your Kids

Psychology | Human Behaviour | Science

The Paradoxical Psychology Of Love
Habits of an Emotionally Strong Human
Study: Materialistic people ‘more likely to be depressed and unsatisfied
Actions Steps To Overcome Depression With Exercise
The Cognitive Science Behind the 4 Keys to Creativity
How Stories Last Through History By Neil Gaiman 
Understanding Change Psychology Of Creating New Behaviours 

Yoga | Spirituality

I Don’t Need To Be Your Whole World, But I Want To Be Part Of It
15 Holistic Self Help Tools
Yoga Poses To Aid Sleep Before Bed
LOVE. How Do You Know?
Benefits Of Yoga For Basketball Athletes 
Practice Slowness & Being Present
Practing Prenatel Yoga
Should We Use The Alignment Cue ‘Tuck The Tailbone Under’?
Top Five Benefits Of Meditation
Downward Facing Dog Shoulder Alignment 
It’s Not About Sitting, It’s Not About Standing, It’s About Varying Movement
You Don’t Need To Be Bendy To Be A Yoga Teacher
The Brain & Breathing: Active & Passive Breath

Business | Lifehacks


How Can I Build $1,000 A Month Business?
Unique Helpful Websites You’ve Never Heard Off
Useful Tools For Marketing & Business


How To Survive A Plane Crash: Tips That Could Save Your Life
Keeping Your Laptop Battery At 100% Will Kill Its Battery Faster
5 Ways to Stop A Cut From Bleeding
How To Escape Quicksand
Camping & Life Hacks From 1911
How to Take Care of Your Feet on a Hike or Ruck
10 Seinfeld Quotes That Sum Up Your Life
Birthday Scan
Reddit Later Analysis
YakTraxFor modifying normal shoes when you need to walk/run on snow or ice.

How To Unclog A Drain












Food | Cooking


The Proper Way To Cook Steak That You’ve Never Tried
How To Make Fresh Pasta
Loaded Guacamole
Grilled Wings
Banana Protein “Ice Cream” With Almond Sprinkles

In The Kitchen

Kitchen Tricks To Speed Up Cooking

Other Tips

Miracle Herbs
The Truth Behind Food Labels
High Fat/Protein Nutrient Dense Shake



Jungle Beats Radio: Australia’s Plug For The Best HipHop & Music In The World

 Album Reviews

ASAP Rocky: At Long Last ASAP 
Beauty Behind The Madness Extensive In Depth Analysis Review

Live Performance Photo Galleries

A Yeezy Day | Meeting Kanye West & Pusha T | Yeezus 2014 Tour Melbourne
Pusha T (January 2016) Coming Soon
Goldlink Photo Gallery + Conversation w/ Goldlink (February 2016 @ Howler, Melbourne)
Vince Staples Photo Gallery (February 2016 @ Max Watts, Melbourne)
Jhene Aiko Photo Gallery (March 2016 @ The Forum, Melbourne)
Kendrick Lamar Photo Gallery (March 2016 @ Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne)
Travis Scott Photo Gallery (September 2016 @ 170 Russel St)
Chance The Rapper Photo Gallery + Meet & Greet (January 2017 @ Festival Hall)
Mick Jenkins Photo Gallery + Conversation w/ Mick Jenkins (January 2017 @ Max Watts, Melbourne)
Sampha Photo Gallery (May 2017 @ The Forum, Melbourne)

Kanye West

Kanye West Gallery
Kanye West Fashion
Kanye West Posters
Kanye West Blog Post After He Came Out For Bonnaroo @ 4:25AM
Kanye West Blog Post On Inspiration / Death / Opinion
Kanye West: Why Can’t Rock’n’roll’s Old Guard Handle Him?
The Yeezus Sessions
The Curious Case Of Kanye West Vs. Society
An interview with 7 men who helped create Kanye’s polarizing thunderbolt of an album, including Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon, producer Hudson Mohawke, and more.

Kanye West Interviews 

Kanye West Interview with (Feb 2015)
Kanye West Interview with Complex Magazine (Feb 2015)
Kanye West Speech At Oxford University (March 2015)
Kanye West Interview With New York Times (April 2015)
Kanye West Interview With Paper (April 2015)
Kanye West Performance @ DNC Fundraiser Audio (2015)
The True Story Of Kanye West’s “Ultralight Beam,” As Told By Fonzworth Bentley (February 2016)

The Weeknd

Behind The Balloons: An In Depth Look Into The Weeknd’s Rise To Stardom & Sudden Fame
Beauty Behind The Madness Extensive In Depth Analysis Review
The Weeknd Posters
The Weeknd’s Personal Online Journal from 2009
Can the Weeknd Turn Himself Into the Biggest Pop Star in the World?
Rolling Stones Interview: The Weeknd (Aug 21 2015)
Pitcfork Interview: The Weeknd (Aug 31 2015)
Rolling Stones Interview: The Weeknd (Oct 2015)

Fashion | Design | Art


Couture Style | Inspiration
Kanye West Fashion

Interior Design | Art

Art Inspiration
Interior Design
Frank Lloyd Wright

Dope Shit

Inside the Crater That Leaks Neon Blue Lava


Building Jargon Untangled for the Average Homeowner
Suit Buttoning Rules
Styling Timberlands
Styling Chelsea Boots
4 Keys To Ultimate Creativity 

Travel Adventures

Travel Guide: Melbourne

December 2014 – January 2015

New York City | New Jersey
Travel Guide: New York City
The Complete New York City Food Guide
Los Angeles
Arizona | Grand Canyon

 November 2015

Hawaii: Oahu | Kuai | Big Island
Hawaii Travel GuideHawaii

 January 2016

Bali: Seminyak | Kuta | Ubud | Tampaksiring | Nusa Lembongan Island
Travel GuideBali

February 2016

Singapore | Malaysia
Travel GuideSingapore
Travel Guide: Malaysia