Starting Your Brand: The “Nobody” Phase

I have sported cornrows twice n my lifetime. Both times I decided to grow my hair out — necessary for the cornrows to be possible, you know — I had to live through that frustrating in-between hair-length phase. This is when my hair was a bit too long for brushing  but not yet long enough to use a pick (think, what Don King probably uses every morning). I knew my hair would keep growing and be longer in a few weeks, but those couple of in-between weeks left me with no options as to what to do with my hair, and no way to make it look cool.

This is what will happen with your brand as you begin to build your brand. You have your idea, you get over your initial excitement and get down to business, and… no one cares. Nobody is reading your blog. No followers on Twitter. No views on your videos. You are embarrassed to even recite your brand’s name since you are 1,000% sure whomever you say it to will say, “Who? What is that??”

The Nobody Phase is where many infant brands go to die. Look around Facebook and Google and the links sections of plenty of popular websites and blogs — you’ll see links to pages that haven’t been updated in months or years. Twitter accounts left to perish. The Nobody Phase is unkind to those crippled with short vision.

See your way through. Keep posting useful and/or entertaining shit. Promote good content that is worth sharing. Be patient and let your hair grow.

Pretty soon you’ll be wincing in pain as that girl is braining that nappy mess on your head into something presentable.

This is where I, Alex Sandalis am at – 4th of April 2015.

Written By Dre Baldwin