Blood Work Marker & Testing For Optimal Longevity & Performance #OperationRebuildJoe | Joe Defranco Podcast #67


Critically important for brain health. Your brain is mostly fat and DHA is the most important fat in membrane’s of the brain.

Giving DHA is applicable to supplement to newborns for optimal brain growth, people with mood issues and neurotransmitter considerations.

DHA for Concussion’s

It has also been shown that taking DHA for 2 week’s straight after a concussion is vital to brain recovery.

Fasting Insulin

For longevity and fat burning we ideally want fasting insulin at <10.

Fasting Glucose

Ideally <85. 

Hemoglobin A1C

A critical marker for longevity, diabetes and mortality. Whatever the number, it means that that % of red blood cells have a “sugar coating like glazed donuts”. If glucose stays in the blood too – long glucose and protein don’t mix they become ‘sticky’. <5.0% is the optimal marker to shoot for. 


‘Adipo’ is an adipose-cite which is a fat cell. If your adiponectin levels are low sometimes it means you’re a poor fat burner. Genetics or nutritional environmental both play a role. Optimal marker is an 8 or higher.

C-Reactive Protein (CRP)

An inflammatory marker that revolves around the heart that goes from 0-3. A very important marker for longevity. Optimal marker <1. 



Ideally above 40> mg/DL. 

Chol/HDL Ratio under 2.0.

2 Way’s To Bring Up HDL 

Exercise & Niacin


Is important for inflammation control, stable blood sugar, energy and mood regulation. Cortisol has to be at a certain ratio throughout the day.

Morning Upon Waking: 5-40

A low cortisol reading upon waking can be a sign that you find it pretty hard to get up in the morning and feel pretty sluggish.

A good tip to controlling insulin spikes.

If you eat the carb first you get more of a insulin spike. When you’re consuming the protein or fat first on your plate you tend to not have as high of a insulin spike. Even if you’re eating them all in the same time.

2 Quick Nutritional Tips

Within 1 hour get a portion of protein. 

3×3 – by 3PM feed your body 3 time.

5×9 – by 9PM you should have fed your body 5 times. 

Spoken by Joe Defranco & Tom Bilella, Written by Alex Sandalis