How To Communicate Effectively

The main difference between someone who conveys confidence and someone who doesn’t is the way they talk.

Most people don’t know to communicate and command the attention of the room they’re speaking within.


People are used to talking softly due to 9-5 jobs.

They think they are being polite/nice/considerate to the other person’s ‘psychological space’.

Problem is you can end up coming across as weak and needy. If a beggar comes up to you on the street they’re going to talk softly because they know they have no value to offer.

When you approach someone make sure you PROJECT your voice.


Slow down.

You can end up talking so fast you usually mumble.  When you’re talking fast you’re communicating an erratic mind-state, like your afraid the other person will interpret you and won’t let you talk.


When people want to be accommodating and as non-threatening as possible their pitch goes up.

Wimpey high pitches tenor – like a beggar trying to sell them something you don’t want to buy.

Approach and converse with a natural tonality and pitch unless it comes from natural passion.


If you want to captivate people when you talk it’s all about the dynamic nature of the way you talk. It doesn’t constantly projecting and shouting at people, and it doesn’t mean constantly talking with a low voice.

It’s about fluctuating and variety. Talking with passion mean expressing your emotions and gesticulating your body.


The space in between notes in music is just as important as the notes themselves.

People are afraid of leaving a pause because they think that person is going to leave.

Have purposeful comfortable pauses, often the other person will fill the silence.

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