Holistic Strength & Fitness Coaching

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This page is dedicated to show you the type of coach I am, my philosophies, skills and experiences. This is here to ensure we are the right fit for each other before committing time, energy and money. I’m very grateful that you have thought to come and click on this page in the first place, but please understand that I can not work with everyone, nor do I attempt to. Note: If you are an athlete please click here for the athlete coaching link instead.

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 My coaching is focused on performance and longevity.

Performance: To get the most out of your body and mind to create the results we need.

Longevity & Injury Prevention: To create a program that enables you to be injury free while increasing strength, power and mobility while decreasing pain and musculoskeletal abnormalities.

Why Hire Me? How I’m Different & Better.

Knowledge Qualifications Experience

High Level Sporting Experience at the Collegiate Level

Diploma in Sport Development (2013) – Australian College of Basketball 

At age 18 I was accepted into the Australian College of Basketball.

(Currently known as the Australian College Of Sport)

I spent a year at this college where I graduated with a Diploma Of Sport Development and traveled overseas to compete in an multiple AAU tournament’s across Las Vegas & LA.

One of the most valuable lessons the ACB taught me is understanding the culture and habits of a professional sporting environment. One of their goal’s was attempting to mold us into professional athletes as our daily habits were fine tuned and nitpicked towards reaching our full physical and mental potential. A attribute ACB to setting the foundation to what I know today.


Diploma in Fitness Coaching  (2016) + Master Functional Training (MFT) Certificate (2016)

My graduating class will be the first group in Australia to graduate with this diploma. In one line it teaches a holistic functional long term perspective to coaching people to better health and performance, instead of the narrow linear progression that basic personal training certificates teach.

MFT covers the competency in the following disciples: Kettlebell Level 1 & 2, Powerbag, Suspended Fitness, Mobility Training, Boxing Level 1 (Science of Padwork) and Battle Ropes.

Present: Internship at Woodfords Sports Science Consulting (2016) + Certificate IV in Allied Health (2016)


In my opinion one of Australia’s best strength and conditioning  facilities in the country lead by one of the most passionate and educated coaches in the industry: Christian Woodford B.App.Sci (HONS) CPPS

The average personal training course teaches you very little to nothing aside from outdated information and high school level physiology. A university degree gives you ‘knowledge and credibility’, but an internship of this level provides real world experience and the ability to turn tertiary knowledge into practical knowing. So far the learning’s and experiences I’m attaining from the coaches at Woodfords have been extremely high level. You’d be hard pressed to find a private facility of such excellent standard offering what Christian’s orgainsation is offering.

USA Collage Level

Soon after graduating I received an opportunity to play overseas in Arizona, for one of Pima College’s teams. I traveled to many different cities that were absolutely unforgettable. It was an incredible experience that a couple of short paragraphs cannot do justice. It taught me a tremendous amount about myself and what it’s like to compete in another country against extremely talented athletes. It put me onto this path I am on today.

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Strength & Conditioning 

At ACB we were fortunate enough to have access to very high level professionals. I learnt more about strength and conditioning with them than nearly any other environment in my life.

This has allowed me to be confident and competent with all compound lifts and many olympic lifts. Through this process they taught us the fundamentals of how to tailor our own sport specific strength and conditioning program.

We’d conduct one rep max tests every 12 weeks under very strict conditions. Here is what I was able to get out of my body at age 18 over 3 years ago.


1 Rep Max’s (Feb 2014, 18 Years Old) @ 70kg (11-12% Body Fat) 

Bench Press: 85kg | Deadlift (Trap-Bar): 175kg | Squat (Box): 132.5kg | Bench Pull: 77.5kg | Pull-Up: 18.75kg

177.5kg Deadlift PB / 2.4x Bodyweight (25th June 2016)

The Mark Of A Quality Coach

Regardless of any qualification I or anyone receives, I do not believe they are a mark of competency within the field of health and fitness. Anybody can go to college and graduate with a nice piece of paper that sais they’re “professional and qualified”

Don’t be fooled by half a dozen qualifications you’ve never heard of and don’t be dismayed by only 1 basic one. Please judge me by my application of knowledge and character.

One of the most important qualities I believe to competency in this field is that daily application of knowledge. Is this person you’re about to pay money for staying on top of research and constantly reading and learning from professionals in their field AND then applying and testing it’s validity? This is something I’ve been doing since I was 15 years old. Nearly every day is dedicated to learning, training and now coaching in one way or another.

Over that time I have gained a wealth of information on everything related to getting the best out my health, fitness and mind. More importantly, I have gained even more experiences from acting upon the information I acquired by conducting various health and fitness experiments on myself and others, precisely assessing what works best for me or other people I train.

Our/My Goals

The main goal I have for you is to teach you to become self reliant enough where you don’t need me, or anybody to pay to train consistently. I want to empower the people I work to the point they don’t need expensive gyms or unnecessary bs diet plans. I want to show and teach you the knowledge base I have attained so you can apply it accordingly to your reality.

Coaching Note

 I will not bull shit you. I am a very transparent and honest person. If I do not know something I will frankly tell you. I don’t have all the answers. But I know I’ve worked very hard to have a lot of them so far.

I implore any of my future and current students to not hesitate in asking or suggesting anything. If there is anything I can do to improve my coaching I really want to hear it. I’m just trying to get better so I can give the most value possible.

Consultation / Cost / Free First Session

After you contact me I will review a brief assessment with you.

We will meet for a consultation so I can get a clear in depth understanding of your history and goals. This will NOT cost anything.

The first session we train will also be complimentary so you can get a feel for me as a coach.

From there you will most likely have a clear idea of whether I’m worth your time and money.

That’s when we will discuss cost. I avoid listing any one single figure here as I do not want price shopper’s looking for the cheapest coach. It will not break your bank, but it will also not be “cheap”. Prices are in line with my knowledge and experience. But if price is your first question, I am probably not for you.

If you are looking for any average trainer just to watch you squat in a commercial gym and spurt mindless motivation than I am not for you. But I completely understand how crucial money can be as a deciding factor but I honestly do not want the type of person that thinks cost first, before service. This is not entry into a theme park. This is setting a solid foundation for the rest of your life to increase your quality of life.

“It’s only when you stop using the word COST and start using the word INVEST do you start to recognize the value of growing yourself.” – Noah Kagan

 Whose This For

1. Those who are serious about improving their mind and body. Whether that be putting on muscle, gaining strength or just to feel better look better.

Notice I did not say ‘toning’ up which is a sexy word the fitness industry likes to throw around entice a lot of woman. Toning up is simply gaining/having muscle in the presence of low body fat %. You want to tone up? Awesome, you want to get stronger and put on muscle.

2. Any athlete wanting to improve performance, put on lean muscle mass and reduce injury. Please click here if you are an athlete to go to the athlete coaching page.

2. Those aged between 10-60.

3. Any member of the LGBD community is welcome. I have come to realise through coaching a member of this community that many do not feel comfortable reaching out because of certain judgments many trainer’s may hold. Know I do not hold any of those judgement’s and am comfortable with whatever belief, sexuality etc you hold.

Whose This Not For

1. Those who have diabetes.

2. Those who smoke cigarettes.

3. Those who have any mental illnesses or illicit drug use.

How To Contact Me

If this opportunity sounds like it would be advantageous for you, you can contact me bellow.

If you are a little unsure, need clarity or have any questions, I am an open book. Any question. Any time. Feel free to text/call/email/Facebook.


0409 674 736

If there was anything about this application process that I could make simpler or more seamless please also let me know.