Dear Alexander #001: Patience

The following series titled ‘Dear Alexander’ marks the beginning of a new collection of memoirs to my future self. These videos and they’re accompanying writings are created first and foremost, for myself. This is a very self-oriented endeavor, the purpose ISN’T to tell anyone how to live. Instead, it’s so I can have something tangible to reflect on over my lifetime. Through this reflection I’m able to remind myself of previous philosophies and beliefs I hold, or held. Over the years I’ve discovered most of our beliefs and philosophies are indoctrinated into us from a young age. Most people’s values are never questioned or challenged. So this is my way of questioning the things I believe and think to determine if they are still serving me, or whether I need to alter them. This will help me stay accountable to making sure everything I think and say aligns with my actions. Hopefully vicariously in the process it will cause other’s to question what they believe.


The society around you is going to show and tell you the faster you do something, the better you are. The media and culture you live in will always sell you the genius outlier whose accomplished 10x more whilst being half your age. They want to sell you on a hazy dream and a reality that is not your own. They’re not going to talk about patience.

This is why listening to society is a bad idea.
If you listen to society then the world’s on fire, everyone’s going to be a millionaire, have a 6 pack, all with a side of champagne and superstar models.

Don’t fall for the illusion they want to sell you. Or rather, don’t get distracted by the illusion.

Stay the course.

One of your biggest flaw’s and biggest strengths, is your ‘patiently impatient’.

You want so much. You want to conquer the world — you want to conquer your world. But at the same time you understand how long this will take. You are hammering away at the world’s biggest stone day after day. You want all the diamond inside, but at the same time you don’t. You know the process, the game, the grind, is what you live for. You thirst for the spoils of rich’s from your expedition, but at the same you never want’s the expedition to end. You fight against this duality daily, like a caterpillar wanting to be a butterfly too soon.













If I could wish anything on you right now it would be to know how your 25, 30, 40, 50 year old self will feel like. I know you think 25, 30 and 40 is old as fuck right now, and that you expect yourself to have x and y accomplished by then. But life is so long, it’s just that we waste so much of it.

Understand: By the time you get to those ages, even older, you’re going to just be hitting your cadence, and be saying something like this to yourself,

“I barley feel like I’m even getting started.”



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