Dear Alexander #005: Balancing The Focus Of Multiple Projects

How do I balance the chaos of running multiple different projects at once while giving each the attention and love they need?

Gary Vaynerchuk summarizes the answer to this dilemma that you often stumble upon:

“By not crippling yourself and thinking you need to give the same amount of love at all times. People are too worried about the micro, just because you’re running four different projects at once doesn’t mean you have to give them 25% every single day.”

The reality is the act of balancing is always in a constant state of flux. You have to prioritize based on your current intuition and take action against what outcome you want to happen the most.

“You need to be careful on not trying to balance the ‘micro’ at all times. You need to be balanced in the ‘macro’ OR you need to map for the ambition and perceived value you have for each project. If you think x project is giving you 80% of your upside then you need to be mapping 80% of your energy and action towards that.”

Don’t cripple yourself on the ‘micro’ thinking you need to give the same amount of love at all times to all your endeavors. Just like hypothetical children or your friends, you won’t be giving them the same amount of love in the ‘micro’. Sometimes you have to focus your energy on the person that is struggling or the one that is shining.

Don’t get caught up in the day to day. This is going to take years and decades, not days. Focus on big picture overall net score to win the war.

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