Goldlink’s Performance Gallery @ Howler, Melbourne

Few seemed to know Maribelle in the crowd but her ability to create instant energy and excitement was a perfect precursor to Goldlink.
Goldlink’s performance can be described as an electric energy and lively vibe. Goldlink didn’t care about perfection or pausing between each track to change to a new song on the fly. He just wanted to play good music and have a great time. He unexpectedly broke up the show with classic feel good songs like 21 Questions by 50 Cent as the crowd lit up and sang along with him.
He got into a handful of songs of each of his two albums and the crowd loved every moment as he danced and sung.

Moments where the crowd would get extra loud and start chanting you could see Goldlink just pause to himself as he let out a smirk looking back at his DJ in disbelief as the impact he’s had thus far in music.

Talking to him after the show on the topic it was very clear to see that he’s still quite uncomfortable with the fame he’s acquired. I asked him why he began this journey into music he reflects on the simplicity and rawness of his situation, we’ve all heard it before – to get off the streets and stop dealing drugs. Music was his escape and hearing him say he was still dealing drugs at the release of the God Complex adds  a real authenticity to his story thus far.

Asking when he’s going to release a new album he replies very nonchalantly that “he might retire.” Not unlike a similar statement Vince Staples has sais too Goldlinks agreement.

The whole vibe I got from talking with Goldlink is that he doesn’t really take his music too seriously. He’s out here creating what he wants to create when he wants to create it. There doesn’t appear to be any pressure to keep creating music. He doesn’t seem to have a deep love and passion for music, instead appearing to possess a natural expression of emotion through the medium he’s found in music to story tell his life through.

Very few know Goldlinks name…I asked…he didn’t tell. All he said was that it wasn’t common and it was more of a classic African American name as he tried to get us to guess.

Tremendous respect to any artists that takes the time after his show to take photos with every fan that asks and just chill, talk and be real with his fans. So thank you Goldlink.

P.S (If your reading this) You were kind enough to offer me a ticket to Laneway but your Twitter account doesn’t accept DMs. I still love you though.