How Can I Build $1,000 A Month Business?

Think about it. $1,000/month is just $33 a day. That’s damn near close to nothing. So how can you earn $33 a day?
1) Go on Craigslist, Fiverr, Freelancer, mturk and bid on projects people are already paying for.
“But, that’s not one of those sexy passive income businesses.”
HAHA, yea, like those just happen overnight.  FINE!
2) Find a product on Amazon that is > $100 and doesn’t have some huge blog that is following that item / product category.
For example, Amazon Echo sells for $190. After a quick Google search you can see there’s only 1 blog dedicated to it (and it sucks).
Google search of 'amazon echo blog'
​You get around a 5% commission in affiliate income from selling these products.
So let’s do some basic math…
$190 * 5% = $10 or so.
So you just need to sell 100 units a month (or 3 a day) to earn $1,000 a month.
If you write a few articles, guest posts and promote them in FB groups, it’s possible after a few months to make $1,000 a month. Read this article by Sarah or this one by Nat on how to grow a blog.
4) Ask your network what is on their to-do list that has been there longer than 7 days. Tell them for $33 you will take it off their to do list by completing it. Do that once a day with a different person you know. That’s $1,000 a month right there.
Question 3: How do I prioritize all the things in my business?
Do you realize that priorities stems from the word priority? Singular.
But somehow we want to have multiple #1 priorities. Instead, do this…
Make a list of all the revenue that comes in from your business. Add the % of total next to it.
Advertising revenue $500 (75%)
Affiliate revenue $100 (15%)
Direct sales revenue $50 (7.5%)
Digital product $10 (1.5%)
Subscription revenue  $5 (.7%)
Total: $665
The $15 from Digital products and subscription revenue is only 2% of the revenue in the example above.
Sure, that number could grow but I like to focus 80% on what works and remove everything else. In the example above I’d ONLY spend time on advertising and affiliate revenue. Ignore everything else.
Written By Noah Kagan