Kanye West Performing @ DNC Fundraiser (2015)

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DNC Fundraiser

1. Power (Ft. Caroline Shaw)
2. Amazing
3. Love Lockdown (Ft. Caroline Shaw)
4. Runaway
5. Coldest Winter (Ft. Caroline Shaw)
6. Only One
7. Through The Wire
8. All Falls Down
9. Touch The Sky
10. Gold Digger
11. Stronger
12. Can’t Tell Me Nothing
13. Mercy
14. Don’t Like
15. All Day
16. Black Skinhead
17. Good Life

His Runaway performance is one of the best I’ve seen, when he comes back to mix the beat again the energy of the track goes through the roof.

Caroline Shaw does a really great job as the backup vocalist on a lot of the songs would love to see her work with Kanye more.



If anyone was wondering where Kanye wen’t when he was performing the last song Good Life, here’s your answer:

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