Kendrick Lamar Photo Gallery (March 2016 @ Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne)

Amazing performance by Kendrick. His energy was great and he interacted with the sold out crowd making eye contact and listening to their screams and yells every chance he got.

Started off by teasing the crowd going back and forth to the mic and eventually starting with For Free, spitting bar after bar.

Best moment of the show was Alright / M.A.A.D City and definitely finishing with ADHD after he gauged the audiences reactions to him calling out all his albums he could see Section.80 was big for the crowd.

After he noticed a small group of people in the front row rapping a song from Untitled Unmastered we all started calling out songs to do from the album. Calling out “2” and “7” putting our fingers up as Kendrick looked at us contemplating whether he should do it for a good minute. A chant broke out for “We Gon’ Be Alright’ and then he played “Alright”. A part of me still thinks if they didn’t start chanting that he would’ve gone into one of the songs.

Only critique was the sound. From the front row the vocals were heavily drowning out by the live instrumentals so much so it took me 20-30 seconds before realising what song it was sometimes. Not all songs, ADHD was the most easily heard because they didn’t use as much heavy instrumentation. But the problem wasn’t throughout the whole stadium as I talked to those in seats they couldn’t relate to it sounding like that.

It was disappointing not to see there wasn’t an emphasis on visual display for his Australia tour like previous performances in the US, but it seemed like it was just about Kendrick, his band and straight music.

Also, never seen so many people have to be carried out by security guards over the barrier because they were hurt/passing out. Also saw one big guy walk being escorted through the barrier with half his face covered in blood from the corner of his eye. Kendrick fans don’t play.

He ended up finishing with ‘I Am’ off his Kendrick Lamar EP which is above.

Thank you Kendrick Lamar.