Kitchen Tricks To Speed Up Cooking

Deseed A Pomegranate In Seconds Using A Wooden Spoon

If you don’t love pomegranates, it’s either because you’ve never had one or you hate how much work they take to deseed. While many people recommend peeling it in a bowl of water, it turns out there’s an even faster method: just break it open and bang on it with a wooden spoon. You should have all those seeds in a bowl in about 10 seconds.

Stop Peeling Boiled Eggs And Just Cut Them In Half

Just cut it in half and spoon it out of the shell. It should slip out pretty easily. If that isn’t enough of a parlour trick for you, though, you can always use use the peel-and-blow method shown here.

Peel A Head Of Garlic In Seconds With Two Bowls

Crush your garlic as normal and throw it all into a big salad bowl. Then, with another big salad bowl, shake the garlic up for a few seconds, and you should find it’s fully peeled and ready for cooking. Just remember to neutralise that garlic breath after the meal with a glass of milk.

Make Pancakes With A Squeeze Bottle

Ladling pancake batter into a pan is a recipe for a mess. Instead of dripping batter all over the place, put that pancake batter in an old condiment bottle and squeeze it out. You’ll get perfectly shaped pancakes without any drips or unevenness.

Written By Whitson Gordon