Negotiating Principles

Idea’s Inspired By Ramit Sethi

Script For Negotiating With Companies

“Hi, my name’s (x) I’ve been a customer with your company for (x) years. I’ve been doing some research and I came across some other companies that can offer me a better deal than what your giving me now. The thing is, I’ve been a loyal customer for the past (x) years and I’d hate to have to switch to another company just because of a simple money issue. But you know, time’s are tough – so what can you do for me?”

A great way to start is with some basic report building. E.G.

“Hey, really appreciate you taking the time to chat with me. First of all, just wanted to confirm how long I’ve been a customer with you. I have 8 years on my end do you show the same?” Building report and laying the foundation for a request based of an immediate understanding of loyalty.

 People often end their questions with a closed ended ‘yes or no’ question. This is a common mistake people make. They’ll say thing’s like “can you do anything for me”. What’s the most common response you get? “No” Internal Dialogue: ‘Why would I want to do more work for myself and have to explain it to my manager”

Instead using this open ended suggestion, “surely you can do something for me”

How To Go From One Client To Many

Referral Strategy: “One thing I do which I want to see if this works for you – when I work with a client I make an agreement that IF I do an extraordinary job they agree to refer me to 3 people at the end. Does that work for you?”

Use Stories & The Power Of Narrative To Convey Emotion

Nearly every successful product we consume has some type of story attached to it.

Dollar Beard Club are one of the best example’s of this that will even make female’s wish they could grow beards.

Look at the stories of all these classic commodity products that actually sell for 5x the price and people experience more value because of the narrative.

Think about the experience of walking through a high end boutique compared to an average retail store. You’re going to have a unique experience told through the lens of a narrative the company want’s you to have.


Smiling is emotionally disarming enabling you to connect on higher level.