Mick Jenkins Photo Gallery + Conversation w/ Mick Jenkins (January 2017 @ Max Watts, Melbourne)


Honored to be in presence of one of the best conscious rappers / one of my favorite artists in the game that you've probably never heard of. Behind this photo was a very intriguing conversation about @MickJenkins journey through music and life. What's most interesting from the conversation we had was as talented as Mick is, he gave the impression that he wasn't concerned with the superficialities and accolades that hiphop contains. He explained how he wasn't always like this years ago and focusing on the message instead of the glamor and shine is something he had to evolve and grow through. He told a story of how he would try to impress people and get a reaction out of them through spoken word poetry performances he used to do when he was younger. He told us this to illustrate the mental shift he's made as a person from making music to 'impress', to making music with a more grounded focused purpose. As someone who has superficial tendencies it's a reminder and lesson to stay focused on the message and the 'why' of what you do and what story your trying to tell. I frequently share photos of the performances I go to and the people I meet to encapsulate the feelings and memories that will fade over time and maybe introduce a couple people to some extremely talented people in the process. #MickJenkins

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