Pre & Post-Workout Nutrition/Supplementation Recommendations | Joe Defranco Podcast #72 Summary

Joe D’s favorite pre-workout supplements


Time and time again BCAA’s have been shown to increase hypertrophy, mitigate muscle catabolism, delay fatigue and a bunch of other benefits.

The Correct Ratio


Leucine is getting the double dose compared to isoleucine and valine.

Average dose is 5-10g pre-workout 10-15min before warm up and into beginning of training.


One of the single most researched supplements in the world to aide hypertrophy and strength output / endurance.

Joe has newly experimented with ‘buffered creatine’ at only 1.5g of creatine to be effective upon a handful of uses.


Shroom TECH by ONNIT

Joe has observed Shroom TECH to able to give him and his NFL athlete’s higher level’s of cardiovascular strength and endurance and energy.


One of the most overlooked times to take magnesium is pre-workout. It’s one of the thing’s we loose in the process of sweating. About 50% of the US population is already deficient. Joe like’s to do split dosages pre-workout and before sleeping. Additionally, magnesium aid’s muscular contractions which make’s sense considering the strength improvement’s his observed.

Quality Of Magnesium Supplement

Mag Glycinate by Metagenics

However there are multiple different forms of magnesium. Consuming a supplement that contains all 3 forms: mag-glycinate, mag-taurate and mag-malate is something Joe is experimenting with.

Joe D’s favorite post-workout supplements


Are the building block’s of the muscle protein. During training we destroy these cellular protein’s. By taking BCAA’s we hopefully cut down on potential protein breakdown and muscle degradation, ideally giving us a higher starting point to bounce back from post training in the process of protein synthesis.


5-10g post the same as pre is the average dosage.


Vitamin C: 500-1000mg

Resveratrol Vindure 900

The reason you want to take anti-oxidant’s post training is because free radicals are produced during intense physical activity. Anti-oxidant’s fight these free radicals from helping mitigate potential disease and cellular breakdown.


Post training creatine consumption may be more beneficial than pre-training consumption because of the depleted creatine stores post training and recovery benefits.

If you had to choose, Defranco suggest post training.


A very potent anti-inflammatory spice.

Spoken by Joe Defranco, written by Alex Sandalis