Top 5 Actionable Takeaways From Joe Defranco’s 1st Year Of Podcast Guests | Joe Defranco Podcast #52

Note: There were originally 17 takeaway points – I am omitting some and chosing the one’s that are the most important to myself

Takeaway 1: Brian Cushing

Make sure to get 2 meals in before you hit the gym

This is mainly crucial for those athletes/individuals trying to gain muscle mass.

But even the great Brian Cushing still gets in 2 meals in before his training (since highschool) so apply and test at your own volition.

One of the big problems among young athletes is that they think they eat a lot but they’re just not. They’re settling for processed convenient food. Forcing yourself to get 2 meals in before training will force you to think methodically about what you should eat for the day instead of sporadically buying lower quality foods without thought.

Takeaway 2: Kelly Starrett

Build your mobility into your day

I will not go on length now talking about why mobility is important but know it is SO VITAL to your performance as an athlete and longevity as a human.

Training your mobility for long 30min – 1 hour sessions once or twice a week isn’t going to cut it. It’s not very sustainable in the chaos of life for most.

What Kelly suggests is incorporating it into your day as a daily habit of multiple 2-5min sessions per day.

E.G. If you sit for long periods of time taking a movement break every 1 hour and performing a stretch or soft tissue work on a problem area for 2-5min working on different points on the body throughout the day will help dramatically. You get 5-10 sets in of 2-5 sessions. You got 2min? I know you do your reading this.

Takeaway 3: Jim “Smitty” Smith

Get things “out of your head” and put them on paper by performing a BRAIN DUMP…then prioritize and TAKE ACTION

Tim Ferriss has talked about this many times. But simply grabbing a piece of paper and a pen and writing every morning as one of the first things you do after you wake.

By letting out a free stream of consciousness at the beginning of every day you can release and alleviate anxiety and pressure you’ve created for yourself.

The fog clears and it suddenly becomes much clearer to see what you need to do and how your going to execute off it.

Takeaway 4: Jill Miller

Incorporate “gut smashing” (and other forms of “down-regulating”) into your daily routine

I created a post about this based on this interview with Jill Miller that you can read here for more info

Takeaway 5: Dr. Rhonda Patrick

Use “heat stress” (sauna) to improve cardiovascular health, prevent disease and come back from injury faster

Heat stress can lower your risk of cardiovascular disease and death by up to 50%.

It can have huge benefits for preventing muscular atrophy.

More in depth info here on Tim Ferriss’ podcast and her video her on Hyperthermic Conditioning

Ideas From Joe Defranco Written By Alex Sandalis