Training Curriculum

A good program that you follow is better than a perfect program that you don’t follow.
We want the smallest change that will produce the disproportionately largest result. The minimum effect dose. I give you too little you’ll get no result, I give you too much you’ll have adverse side effects.
Strength is a skill. So treat it like any other skill: with patience and practice.
“If you can’t get in the right position how can you exercise in the right position” – Christopher Sommer

1. Warm Up / Warm Down

2. Main Indicator Lifts + Accessory Movement’s 

3. Core & Stabilisers

How To Track Your Progress

Rest Times For Strength Training: 300 Seconds

What is the most effective and efficient way to increase strength in a squat and deadlift after you hit a plateau?

The biggest mistake is sticking to one type of squat or deadlift.

Variation of overload in the FV curve is the most neglected factor in overcoming a plateau.

E.G. You could add a isometric pause to a squat or use chains, bands etc. The best program to improve your squat or deadlift is a program you’ve never done. – Charles Poliquin


Keep In Mind


Focusing on eccentric (3-6sec) sub maximally for beginners to develop strength and hypertrophy most importantly to develop intramuscular coordination because these beginners won’t have developed the proficiency to control weight at perfect form plus they will be able to learn how to recruit more muscle fibres as they move slower through the movements.

Training within the optimal adrenal window. E.G. Distinguishing when your hormonally at an advantage – the morning/afternoon/evening for anabolism. (Source)

Neurotransmitter Dominance

Which neurotransmitter your dominate in by using the Braverman Test in order to evaluate and program for athletes what your body best responds to.

(Source: Live Life Aggressibely Podcast: Episode 154 8:00/13:30) + 5 Things I Learned at Charles Poliquin’s Advanced Program Design Seminar


Is actually needed and very important within training. There’s very good research out of Scadanvia that shows Cortisol is your best friend while you train. They observed that the guys that could produce the most Cortisol during training are the ones who have the greatest long term gains. Conversely the ones that could lower Cortisol after a training session are also see better results. (Srouce Live Life Aggressibely Podcast: Episode 154 Source: 30:30)


 People who suffer from chronic insomnia/wake up tired no matter the sleep. This is often from low blood sugar not lack of sleep. A tbsp of unsweetened almond butter before sleep should help.

Blood Sugar

If eat pasta/any type of cheat meal dinner have a tbsp of vinegar before the meal which will help lower the glycemic index so your insulin and glycemic/glucose response to that meal lowers.

Build Your Ass Program

There’s 100 different exercises you can do for your butt.

The butt is the biggest largest muscle in the body – the gluteus maximass. The bottom line is every one wants a nice butt if you want to change its shape and  add muscle you have to challenge it and add some weight.

Start training in that 5-10 rep range, use weight and watch your ass grow.

Box squat, bulgarian split squat, reverse hyper, 45 degree back raises, hip thrusts

Finish with posterior chain movements: kettle bell swing, reverse hyper, hyper extension, hip thrusts

This is designed to kick start a lifestyle change and create a habit. X number of week program may work temporarily. But surely you want more than temporary results. So this has to become consistent.

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