Training Curriculum: Core & Stabilisers

Anti-Rotation: Pallof Press (Vertical or Horizontal) / Rotational Woodchops w/Band from lunge position (knee on floor)

Seated Plate Rotations

Hollow Holds

BB Rollout


The Garhammer Raise

An excellent exercise to develop the abdominals in a way that transfers well to sports performance and physique development.

Landmine Rotations

Landmine Rotation

If you lack access to landmine-style equipment, you can perform the same movement by placing a barbell in the corner of a room (Wrap a towel or shirt around the end of the bar so it won’t rub paint off as it moves)


Band-Resisted Hip Flexor Pulls with Isometric Hold

The hip flexors comprise a muscle group that is particularly prone to weakness and tightness. Yet, recent studies suggest that even a mild improvement in hip flexor strength can lead to significant improvement (nearly 4 percent) in linear speed—the equivalent turning a 5-second 40-Yard Dash into 4.8 seconds.

In addition, test subjects improved their short-shuttle time by nearly 10 percent, equivalent to shortening a 5-second 20-yard shuttle to 4.5 seconds. Other studies have shown that the psoas muscle in junior elite sprinters was three times larger than those found in “normal populations.”

Veteran NFL strong safety Reshard Langford demonstrates the exercise in the photo below:

Band-Resisted Hip Flexor Pulls

How To

Set up in a position similar to a Mountain Climber, but do not set your foot back down while it is flexed. We often verbally cue, “pull the knee to the nipple,” to encourage our athletes to achieve 90 degrees or more of hip flexion.

At the apex of the flexed position, hold that pose for the designated time to allow for more contractile waves to pass through the muscle.

Perform 3-4 sets of 10-12 reps with hold times ranging from 3 to 5 seconds.