Training Session For Hotel Travelers In Small Spaces With No Equipment

No matter where you these can be done in under 15 min. Whther your in a hotel room, a plane or your bedroom.

 Strength Training

Upper Body Superset

1A: Iso-Squeeze Push-Ups or Normal Pushups 

If you can already do a high number of pushups to the point you get bored or it just takes too long try the iso-squeeze push-ups below.

x5-20 Iso-Squeeze Pushups

1B: Iso-Hold YWT 

Hold 15-30 seconds in each 3 position.

If your pressed for time just do A – B but if not, try the 3rd execise below.

1C: Iso-Bed Curls

This is going to be strange to a lot of people but just try it.

Kneel down onto the floor in front of the bed put your hands underneath he bed and literally try and curl the bed it off ground.

If the beds bolted to the floor and you cant move it, that’s great because that’s what makes it iso-metric which you will hold for 5-10 seconds x 5-10 reps.

If its light enough and you can actually lift it, just lift it an inch or 2 off the ground and hold it for 10 seconds x 3-6 reps.

x3 Sets (30-45sec Rest Between Each Set)

Lower Body Superset

2A: Bulgarian Split Squat 

1/2 rep technique:

Place your foot back on a chair balancing on your left leg and squat down so your right knee touches the floor.

Come half way up – pause for a second – go back down touch you knee to the floor again – raise all the way up.

That’s one rep. Try for x10 reps in this 1/2 rep fashion.

2B: Hip Thrusts 

Think squeeze your butt, do not think about arching your lower back, just focus on engaging your glutes.

x10 reps or x10 single leg

2C: RKC Planks \ High Tension Plank

Get in a plank position x 5 seconds

Squeeze your glutes/quads/hamstrings/core pretty much everything except your face and neck muscles while simultaneously thinking to pull your toes and forearms together.

Your complettly still during this hold, the point is to create this arch of tension within your muscles and cause what’s called iradiation.

Perform a normal relaxed plank for x 5-10 seconds then 5-10 seconds high tension hold.

That 10/20 seconds = rep.

Perform 4-8 total reps.


If you only got 15min this is great no matter where you are.

Plank to push up/clapping push-ups x10 (any type of pushup variation) – mountain climbers x10 – burpees x10 – reverse lunges (each leg) x10 =  1 Round
Attempt 5min-10min straight depending on your fitness level.
Progress through each round and rest 30-45sec between each and see if you can perform x8-10 total rounds.
Ideas Inspired By Joe Defranco Podcast #27