Travis Scott Photo Gallery (September 2016 @ 170 Russel St)

This photo pretty much sums up a Travis Scott concert. I've seen Kanye, Kendrick, Pusha T, Vince Staples, and GoldLink, but none of them compare to the energy and insanity of Travis Scott. Here's what you'll get with your Travis Scott ticket if you ever think of seeing him live: Multiple people nearly pass out and have to get carried over the baracade before Travis Scott even hits the stage. Stage diver after stage diver before you eventually feel a couple land on you. A girl vomiting after helping carrying her over the barricade. You may start from somewhere along the front row towards the left side of the stage and finish the show on complete opposite side moving 10-20m across from the crowd pushing. Also may see a side of titties here and there. While I have nothing but respect for his intent on wanting to deliver a memorable crazy unique concert experience, to me, this was the least enjoyable performance I've ever been to. Even though we were front row I felt like a good percentage of the show was spent either carrying people over or trying to hold myself from hundreds of people pushing into me instead of engaging with the artist. But I knew something like this would happen. Only living it is a whole different thing. #TravisScott

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