Useful Tools For Marketing & Business

Outsourcing Work 

Task Rabbit

From computer help, research, web design and development, graphic design, data entry, personal assistant.

UpWork (formally known as Odesk) & Fiverr

Another two options similar to Task Rabbit.

99 Designs

Crowdsource graphic design pieces like logos, book covers, packaging, tshirt.

Lowest Package: $379 = 30 Good Designs. Top End: $1500 = 60 Premium Designs



Use to understand target market audience demographics. Just type in the URL of the target site, and you’ll get a fair idea of their demographic make-up.


Tweets with more than two hashtags have a 17% drop in engagement. Make sure you’re using the right hashtags for your industry. Use sites like to make sure you’re maximizing on your hashtags potential.

Buzz Sumo

BuzzSumo shows you what content gets the most attention on the Internet. When you put in a search query, the tool spits out a list of articles ordered by the highest number of social shares, giving you a peak at what content is buzzing around the topics you’re targeting.
You can also run reports that show the correlation between length of article and social shares, between content type and social shares, and more.

Selling/Shipping Products


Use fulfillment companies like Ship Wire.

Order from the wholesaler like Alibaba / Ebay and automatically send the products to the fulfillment company.

Once the consumer places an order the fulfillment company will ship it out for you to their address anywhere in the world.

Written By Alex Sandalis