Why Women Can’t Lose Weight

Women, Breakfast, and Soy

This a typical conversation that I have with a Health Conscious Female Client (HCFC)

HCFC: Thank you for educating me on a proper breakfast. I am not very clear on quantities, how much meat and nuts should I pistachioeat?

CP: You are welcome! For a start, a side of beef plus 3 kilos of pistachios.

HCFC: Really?

CP: Just kidding. For the meat, there is a formula developed by a Japanese fan of mine, Kamenashi.  It goes like this:meat_q2

You take your body weight in kilos, you divide by atomic mass of the most common earth element of your place of birth, you multiply by the numeric value of your date of birth, condensed by using standard numerology, you divide by the square root of the age in days of when your first molar tooth appeared.

Just kidding again.

Write this down: Any nutritionist that gives you an exact number in grams for a food is either a closet food Nazi or a twirp, or a combination of both.

Listen, you have to retrain yourself to make the distinction between your mouth and a vacuum. I never give quantities in food programs. Just go by appetite.

HCFC: But my previous nutritionist told me it is crucial to count calories…

CP: Did the advice work?

HCFC: No, not really…that is why I am here…I guess

CP: Was she fat?

HCFC: Yes…very fat!

CP: Where her hips much wider than her shoulders?


CP: Classic case of you are what you eat, she goes by the food pyramid, she is shaped like one!

HCFC: You are ruthless!

CP: Actually, just observant!

HCFC: What should I drink at breakfast?

CP: Any type of organic coffee or tea, and/or water.


HCFC: Can I drink soy milk?soy_milk

CP: Was that part of the list of the beverages given above?


CP: Here you go.

HCFC: But…it makes me feel great!

CP: So does cocaine.

HCFC: Soy milk is healthy for you!

CP: Get off your granola fed high horse. Check the ingredient list on your soy milk and you can be sure you will find a lot of sugar. It will have all sort of names ranging from evaporated, cane sugar, barley malt, rice sugar, fructose, corn syrup.sugar_spoon]

No matter what the manufacturers call it, it is sugar. The most likely reason that you feel “energetic” after drinking your soy milk is that you are getting an sugar buzz.

The second reason being that the soy estrogens are stimulating your thyroid. For most individuals, this induces a mildly hyperactive thyroid with very short-term energy gain. The down side is that over the long run your thyroid crashes, sinking into hypothyroidism. That translates into  poor energy levels, brain fog, loss of brain function etc.. Put it this way, the short term benefits are not worth the long term negative effects.

HCFC: But is says on the bottle that it is organic.

CP: So is elk manure.

Listen up. All it means is that it will less pesticide residues that genetically modified soy. Whether it is organic and harvested by Tibetan monks, or grown GMO, all modern soy products are jam packed with anti-nutrients such as phytates, and toxins which are now linked to host of ailments ranging from brain shrinkage to thyroid dysfunction. In men,  it lowers testosterone and sperm count to  a point where they are 317% more likely to go shopping than to have sex.


HCFC: You are kidding again aren’t you.

CP: No, 76% of statistics are made up on the spot.

Yes, I am kidding about the shopping thing, but not for the ailments brought on by soy. Regarding sperm count, Dr. Chavarro and colleagues studied 100 men who were members of couples having trouble getting pregnant. Semen analyses showed that the men with the highest levels of soy food intake­­ approximately a half serving per day – had 41 million sperm per milliliter fewer than men who did not consume any soy. The researchers used a questionnaire listing 15 soy­based foods to determine soy consumption over the preceding three months.

HCFC: What about soy protein bars?questions_soy

CP: No.

HCFC: What about soy protein?

CP: No.

HCFC: What about soy burgers?

CP: No.

HCFC: What about soy chips?

CP: No.

HCFC: What about soy lollypops?

CP: Enough. If you were a male, I would have already roundhouse kicked you to the temple with steel toe capped construction boots.

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Written By Charles Poliquin